AGRC Rewards.

What are AGRC Rewards?

AGRC Rewards has been created to support owners and trainers that race at Auckland Greyhound Racing Club. When your greyhound wins or places you can exchange your ribbon for one reward stamp. Once you have collected twelve reward stamps you win a reward of your choice. The rewards that the Club will be supplying are as follows:

·      * Muzzles

·      * Winter Coats

·      * Kennel Beds

How Do I collect my rewards?

         *  You must take your ribbons to the office when you collect your papers. (The ribbons must have been  collected on the day you raced. No ribbons will be accepted at the next race meeting for a previous race meeting.)

       * The office staff will stamp your rewards card that will be kept at the office

       * When your card is full you can choose your reward

       * You will be given your reward on the day you have collected twelve stamps (if we dont have the reward available it will be ordered with the next shipment of rewards).

Important information

·           You do not have to take part in this rewards initiative. It is an option for you to consider. If you dont take part in this initiative you keep the ribbons you win.

Auckland Track Star

2019-2020 Season

For the 2018/2019 racing season, the Board will be rewarding the Auckland Track Star.

If any dog(s) can win 15 races at the Manukau Stadium in the season in a season, they will share $1,000.

In the event no dog winning 15 races then any dog(s) can win 14 races at Auckland they get to share $750

In the event no dog winning 14 races then any dog(s) can win 11 or more races at Auckland they get to share $500  

The award will be paid to the registered owner when the dog last competed at the Manukau Stadium.














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