Salute to a Star by David Bryn.

  Bright Star

Star Conquest Agent Vicki

Owner Trainer Bob Trainer


Bob Bond secured Bright Star through a long-standing puppy sharing agreement between Bob and Lyn Udy.   Pups from a Star Conquest- Agent Vicki litter were quickly snapped up so when Bob was ready to receive his pup a little later there were only two left. Lyn's husband Ross had really taken a shine to one of the pups and suggested to Lyn that the other one, Lyn's pick, should go to Bob.


On Bob receiving the little black bitch, Lyn forthrightly told him her kennel name was Star and that had to remain.   Amongst the names later put forward for registration was the name Bright Star. From there as they say,' the rest was history' and this little bitch whose love of racing was life changing for Bob and his partner Audrey.


Bright Stars stellar career began at Hatrick on the 7th March 2012 and closed 1,649 days later at Manukau on the 11th September 2016. Her 4½ year career a true testimony of her courage and soundness. The latter given to her from both her sire and dam who had 112 and 89 starts respectively, and the care of her owner/trainer Bob Bond.


Her overall career statistics were:

Starts 142      Wins 73, Seconds 21, and Thirds 14.     Career Earnings - $125,983.


Individual season winning statistics:

2011 - 2012;             16 starts, 8 wins. season's PB;18.42 secs.

2012 2013              35 starts, 22 wins. season's           PB;18.05 secs

2013 2014              37 starts, 23 wins. season's           PB; 18.17 secs

2014 2015              33 starts, 15 wins. season's           PB; 18.23 secs

2015-  2016               17 starts, 5 wins. season's            PB; 18.43 secs.


Bright Star also won the hearts of race goers and the thousands of others who followed her spectacular career on TV.


During career she achieved sequences of; 14 wins, 10 wins and 6 wins, the later beginning from her C1 win through to her winning C5 debut, defeating the bonny Kissin Kate, a member of Keith and Penny Sutch-Jones great Zac Attack - Gentle Lee litter.


Early in her open class career only Snicko, a Railway winner and Captain Coutts a swooping style sprinter were to defeat her twice, both were sons of Big Daddy Cool. Later in her career she met the brilliant Yeboah, a 35kg son of Elite State, he defeated her on 4 occasions however she was able to square the ledger. They were a great sight racing together, a contrast in confirmation and size as Bright Star always raced under 25kgs.  The classy bitch Cosmic Pearl beat her just once however had to settle for no less than 6 times for second. The bonny bitch Botany Downs defeated her 3 times however overall Bright Star had the edge.


Other classy sprinters she met throughout her long career were Harvey Nichols, Double Magic, Life's a Dream, Little Rascal and Ludakh, who ended her longest winning sequence.


During the 2015 season she whelped a litter to her old adversary Captain Coutts, a litter that to has 38 wins to date, headed by her daughter Audrette's 15 wins.


On retirement she had a second litter of just 2 pups a dog and a bitch for Danny Laing. By the Golden Easter Egg winner and hugely successful sire Cosmic Rumble, who is already proving to be a great dam sire. The aptly named black bitch, Last Star along with Audrette may keep the name Bright Star in many successful pedigrees in the future.


Will there be another Bright Star? A home bred star bred by Lyn Udy.


Personally, I think not, so much have the regulations changed since her whelping. The fee to register a stud dog in NZ has risen by 850%. Why I ask? To register yourself as a breeder, litter master and other fees have also risen steeply and are exactly the same if you breed one or ten litters a year. Standing a stud dog in NZ is a labour of love. A sire here is lucky to serve five bitches a year, even less whilst he is unproven.


The success of Bright Star has bought a joy and a sense of pride that money cannot buy


In saluting Bright Star, we are saluting all those involved in her story.


When Bob, Audrey and Star came over the top of the Bombay Hills, Star became, "The Queen of Manukau" however such is her story she was equally as much, "Waikato's Warrior Princess"




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