Members Jackpot

Last race meeting of each month  

  Special Conditions

1             The minimum jackpot prize for each month will be $50

2             The winner of the jackpot will be the member whose is drawn as a result of a random draw to be conducted after the running of race 10 on the last Sunday of each month.

3             To be eligible for the bonus the Auckland Greyhound Racing Club (Inc.) member must be a current financial member of the Club for the 2016-2017 season prior to the advertised starting time for the race meeting on the day of the draw.

4             The winning member must be on course at the time of the draw to collect the prize.

5             In the event of the member whose name is drawn is not in attendance at the time of the draw the Prize Pool will jackpot to the next month meeting with a further $50 added.

6             By paying your subscription for the 2016-2017 season you agree that all matters relating to this competition are subject to rulings by the Board of the Auckland Greyhound Racing Club.


Result of Monthly


September    Jackpot

October         Jackpot

November   Steve Clark   $150

December        Ron O'Regan     $50 

January         Jackpot

February          Jonathon Cleaver $100

March             Henny Laagland $50

April                 Jackpot 

May                Jonathon Cleaver  $100

June            Jackpot

July             Bob Bond  $100

August       Pool $50



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