Keeping you informed of the Happenings at the Manukau Stadium


Keeping You Informed on Happenings at the Auckland Greyhound Racing Club

Be Warned

We wish to alert you that the ‘Spouting Project’, the replacement of the drainage system on the Grandstand, has commenced.  The scaffolding has been erected around the complex and will more than likely be there for about ten days.

The scaffolding across the front of the complex will impact on the viewing of races from within the Complex.  We apologise for any inconvenience.

Remember also if you are bringing young children we would appreciate your co-operation to supervise them at all times; the scaffolding is not a playground.

Terminating Pick6

Last week being reunited with Pick6 just reminded us that they are not easy to crack.  There were only 1.96 units on the winning combination and the dividend a massive $12,755.

Congratulations to all winners. We understand one oncourse investor collected 20% from a $10 investment.

To all investors we offered a Second Chance Draw on the Pick6.  The winning ticket will be drawn out of the Entry Box after the running of race 2.

In response to requests we will coordinate an AGRC Syndicate.  $10 tickets can be purchased from the Eftpos Operator up to the start of Race 7 (2.57pm).e

Amazing Chase

The Manukau Leaderboard for the Amazing Chase is as follows:

  • Cristiane Cyborg           30.62
  • Ridin’ Shotgun  30.73
  • Cameo Syd                  31.06

Racing on Sunday are:

Race 10                        Cameo Syd                  Trip To Eden                 Westworld

Solo Trial                      Zipping Chang

Futures win and Place on the Amazing Chase betting has commenced.

2018-2019 Racing Dates

The 2018-2019 Racing Calendar has been released and the Club has 57 Licenses.  A copy is attached.  Hard copies are available from the Administration Office.

See you Sunday first race 1.13pm



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