What’s On The Lure

Here is our game plan for Sunday 12 August

Dog on a Pedestal

Race 13               Kiwi Boy (2)

Kiwi Boy is going great guns at the present.  Just looks to have too much box speed here and should easily make it a dozen wins on the track.  He looks an anchor in Pick6 and gets our vote as the ‘Dog on the Pedestal’.

**** Bets

Race 2            Sassy Li Lassy (8)

Congratulations to Michael Schneider on training his first winner Sassy Lil Lassy who scored nicely at Cambridge on Thursday.  Can get the bonus maiden here.

Race 3            Nangar Dream (1)

Nangar Dream is ideally boxed to return to the Winner’s Podium

Race 5            Bigtime Donny (7)

Bigtime Donny has improved with each run on the track.  He can score here.

Race 10          Ramblin’ On (8)

Our favourite dog Ramblin’ On just keeps on winning and paying good dividends.  Can win again and looks another Pick6 anchor.

Value Bet

Race 11              Amy Amy (4)

Amy Amy has raced in stronger fields.  Look for a turnaround in her formline today and the price will be right.

Our Investments

$20,000 Guaranteed Pick6    All Up Bet

Race 8       4, 6 & 2                                    Race 2       Sassy Lil Lassy (8)

Race 9       8 & 7                                         Race 7       Bigtime Donny (7)

Race 10     5, 4 & 2                                    Race 10     Ramblin’ On (8)

Race 11     2, 1 , 6 & 8                               Race 13     Kiwi Boy (2)

Race 12     2 &5

Race 13     3 & 1


Full Unit     $144                                        Take an ‘Any Three bet’

$20 will get you 13.8%.                                       One-unit costs $5

Selections are in preference order if you wish to trim our investment.

.Good Punting
















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