What's on the Lure

Here is our game plan for investments for Sunday 16 June

Dog on the Pedestal

Race 5            Buddy Boom (4)

It just cannot be anything else than Buddy Boom, the Manukau excitement machine who will just keep extending his picket-fence formline here.  Today’s best bet by a long way.

**** Bets

Race 7            Kiwi Gal (4)

With her huge class edge here Kiwi Gal will just be off and gone.  Simple case of seeya later.

Race 9            Bigtime Welldone (9)

Bigtime Welldone recent consistency can be rewarded here with a win at good odds.

Race 10          Tianyu (5)

The Auckland Derby winner Tianyu also looks to have a class edge on this field.  Look no further if you need an anchor in your the Pick6 and Quaddie.

Race 12          Manicorn (2)

Manicorn has burnt our pockets lately but we are not giving up on him.  He has the ability but just keeps on costing himself with tardy beginnings.  With a wide runner outside him it may give him the required space at the start.  We say, ‘Go again’.

Value Bet

Race 4                 Barwon Bandit (1)

Our value bet Barwon Bandit has been freshened, is racing on the downgrade and has good box stats from box 1.  Good winning chance and the odds will be very generous.

Our Investments

$25,000 Pick6                                All Up Bet

Race 8       7, 8 & 2                                              Race 5       Buddy Boom (7)

Race 9       4, 6 & 2                                              Race 7       Kiwi Gal (4))

Race 10     5 & 2                                                   Race 10     Tianyu (5)

Race 11     8, 1 & 5                                              Race 12     Manicorn (2)

Race 12     2 & 5

Race 13     2, 5 & 6


Full Unit     $162                                                  Take an ‘Any Three bet’

$20 will get you 12.3%.                                                 One-unit costs $5

Selections are in preference order if you wish to trim our investment.

Good Punting















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