What's on the Lure

Here is our game plan for investments for 24 February

Dog on the Pedestal

Race 7            Sir Duggie (8)

Today’s Dog on a Pedestal was a formality -Sir Duggie.  The Galaxy Sprint winner will extend his picket-fence formline here.  Check the Futures Odds the bookies were offering a generous $2.50 for him to win the Final that is a Get On bet.  Unbelievable race 7 is also the 1st leg of Pick6.

**** Bets

Race 3            Blitz ‘Em Rene (4)

Blitz ‘Em Rene is the winner of 11 races on this track with an 18.35 PBT.  Big chance as she has the box speed to lead and may prove hard to catch.

Race 4            Idol Nifty (5)

Idol Nifty impressed when winning here in 18.24 last Sunday.  Look for a repeat performance.

Race 6            Bigtime Pete (2)

Bigtime Pete will have benefitted from his two runs at the track.  He has chased Sir Duggie and Idol Nifty in vain.  Here is his chance to step up on the Winner’s Podium.

Race 11          Dyna Dave (4)

Don’t forget Dyna Dave won a Waterloo Cup Heat here in 30.29.  Big chance here.

Value Bet

Race 9                 Hot Platter (2)

Hot Platter is better than his formline suggests. Ideally boxed to get a good passage and can win at generous odds.

Our Investments

$15,000 Pick6                                All Up Bet

Race 7       8                                                         Race 3       Blitz Em Rene (3)

Race 8       4, 1, 8 & 2                                          Race 4       Idol Nifty (5)

Race 9       1, 4 & 8                                              Race 6       Bigtime Pete (2)

Race 10     1 & 7                                                   Race 7       Sir Duggie (8)

Race 11     4, 5 & 6

Race 12     2 & 1


Full Unit     $72                                                    Take an ‘Any Three bet’

$20 will get you 27.7%.                                                 One-unit costs $5

Selections are in preference order if you wish to trim our investment.

.Good Punting















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