What's on the Lure

Here is our game plan for investments for Sunday 18 August

Dog on the Pedestal

Race 4            Artic Miss (4)

Today’s Dog on the Pedestal is the highly talented Artic Miss.  Just forget she even went to the starting boxes on Thursday as she was never a chance after being knocked from pillar to post throughout the race. Back here she looks the best of good things and will advance to C5.

**** Bets

Race 2            Thrilling Bruce (7)

Thrilling Bruce’s 21.18 win at Cambridge that is a raw talent.  Makes his track debut but rest assured Karen will have trialled him here.  Should add to picket fence formline.

Race 7            Wedgwood Warrior (4)

Wedgwood Warrior cleared out twin impressively at Cambridge on Thursday.  Should gain a bonus C2 win here.

Race 10          React Respond (6)

After an 8 length C0 win here last Sunday, React Respond backed up with a good run for second at Cambridge on Thursday.  Back to a 527m race she can go a cheeky race here.

Race 11          Cameo Syd (6)

Cameo Syd has gone to eye catching runs behind Pinny Mack.  Today in Pinny Mack’s absence and with a suitable draw he looks a strong winning chance.to take out the Carol & Brian Delamore Appreciation Stakes.

Value Bet

Race 5            Zugzwang (8)

Zugzwang escapes the C5 dogs here and he is just the type to put in a swooping run around the field and win at attractive odds.

Our Investments

$15,000 Guaranteed Pick6           All Up Bet

Race 8       1, 8 & 3                                              Race 2       Thrilling Bruce (7)

Race 9       3, 6 & 8                                              Race 6       Artic Miss (4)

Race 10     6 & 1                                                   Race 10     React Respond (6)

Race 11     6 & 1                                                   Race 11     Cameo Syd (7)

Race 12     1, 2 & 3

Race 13     5 & 1                                       Take an ‘Any Three bet’ Unit just $5

Full Unit     $108          $20 will get you 18.5%.                            


Selections are in preference order if you wish to trim our investment.


Remember there is a $4,000 Bonus First 4 Race 4

Good Punting















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