Whats on The Lure

Whats on The Lure

Here is our game plan for investments  for Sunday 20th September

Dog on the Pedestal

Race 3                           Portland Blonde (7)

Forgive Portland Blonde; she missed go last Sunday and thereafter copped traffic issues.  Wide draw maybe the answer; her first win was from box 7.  Looks to be too good here.  Gets our vote as the Dog on a Pedestal.


**** Bets

Race 1                           Prideful (6)

We have spotted Prideful going good races against the highly rated Portland Blonde and Spring Bubbles. Here is her chance for glory. Top winning chance.


Race 4                           Hot Little Fancy (8)

Forget Hot Little Fancy last start. She returns to 318m today and has shown she possess the speed to overcome the wide draw.  Good each way chance.


Race 7                           Express Emporium (7)

The wide draw brings Express Emporium right into contention here.  She chased Ginny Weasley in vain last Sunday. Can go one better here. Top winning chance.


Race 12                        Sir Yens (1)

Kay Herbert appears to have found the key to Sir Yens.  He dictated terms and drew away for a strong win on the 6 September.  He has secured box 1 again here and is a top winning chance.  Our Pick6 anchor.


Value Bet

Race 4       Podium Phobia (3)

Podium Phobia is better than his formline suggests and he may have stuck the right race. Can go a bold race at generous odds.  Certainly, worth a gold coin each way. Dont forget the quinella with Hot Little Fancy



Terminating Pick6                                 All Up Bet

Race 7       5 & 8                                                   Race 1       Prideful (6)

Race 8       6 & 1                                                   Race 3       Portland Blonde (7)

Race 9       6, 1, 3 & 5                                          Race 6       Express Emporium (7)

Race 10     3, 5, 8 & 6                                          Race 12     Sir Yens (1)

Race 11     2, 1 & 8

Race 12     1


Full Unit     $96  

$20 will get you 21%                                 Take an Any Three bet Unit just $5

Selections are in preference order if you wish to trim our investment.


Good Punting

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