Here is your chance to experience the adrenalin rush of the having a greyhound racing for stake money.

Your greyhound will be racing for $500

To Enter

Simply complete your contact details (name, address and contact telephone number) on the back of a totalisator ticket with a minimum cost price of ten dollars ($10.00) and place the ticket in the Competition bin prior to the start of race 10.

Note if your investment is successful ask the totalisator operator to return the ticket to you after have collected your dividend.

A draw will be completed to select the one winning entry

A draw will be completed to determine the greyhound racing for you in race 11.

Your share of $500 stake will be determined by the placing of the greyhound in the race in accordance with the NZ Rules of Greyhound Racing as follows:

  • 1st                    $300
  • 2nd                   $125
  • 3rd                    $75
  • Unplaced        $20




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