Sunline Trophy

The Sunline Trophy identifies the emerging stars of racing at the Manukau Stadium.

The Sunline Trophy is being presented quarterly to the greyhound that accumulates the highest points in C0, C1 and C2 middle distance totalisator races at the Manukau Stadium during the period.  Points are allocated on the following basis;1s  3 points, 2nd 2 points, 3rd 1 point and a Class record 4 bonus points

The winner of the Sunline Trophy is the dog(s) with the highest points and will receive a trophy donated by Thayne & Dorothy Green.

In addition there are cash prizes of $600 for each series allocated 1st - $350, 2nd $150 and 3rd $100, these monies will be split 50% to the owner(s) and 50% to the trainer(s).

Previous Winners

Date Greyhound Owner Trainer
June 2013 Just Jordana Just Reba Syndicate Bcn Craik
September 2013 King's Legacy James Black James Black & Alysha Steele
December 2013 Larto Alan Cleaver & Peter Henley Alan Cleaver
  Mrs Punting WBB Syndicate Wayne Steele
March 2014 Bloo Bloomers S Clark, P Dwyer & B Freemantle Steve Clark
June 2014 Cawbourne Alpha H Gilbert Carolyn Hore
  Method Man A Reba Sydnciate Ben Craik
September 2014 Moore Park Miss B Borrie Steve Clark
December 2014 Sapnish Fancy Denis Schofield Denis Schofield
March 2015 Pineapple Split   Wayne & Tracy Steele
  What That Does Thayne Green & Alan & Ann Weston Thayne Green
June 2015 OUr Heisenberg Ben Craik Ben Craik
September 2015 Artic Rogue Wayne & Tracy Steele Wayne & Tracy Steele
  Rock Lass Denis Schofield Denis Schofield
December 2015 Lochinvar Maine K Gordon Denis Schofield
May 2016 Lovely Rita M Abela Denis Schofield
August 2016 JInja Mia Pave The Way Syndicate Wayne & Tracy Steele
November 2016 Idol Leanne Tom Rodewald James Black & Alysha Steele
  Zimmer Frame Ross & Lynne Udy Ross & Lynne Udy
February 2017      
May 2017 Princess Alea N Wong Carolyn Hore
August 2017 Cristiane Cyborg Ownagreyhound Breeding Syndicate Hayley Mullane



















































































































































































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